Wednesday, 31 March 2010

'EXAM' marks 10 years since the repeal of homophobic Section 28.

On Sunday 23rd May 2010 artists from Ultimate Holding Company premiere their new large-scale project 'EXAM' - with 100's of volunteers and months of research into queer political and cultural history.

The piece, blending visual art, education and immersive performance is the brainchild of 27 year old Manchester artist
Joseph Richardson. It will premiere for one day only and commemorates 10 years since the repeal of laws banning the teaching of same sex relationships in schools.

Exam has been commissioned as part of this year's
Queer Up North Festival, Manchester's international queer festival of live performance and art.

We are staying tight-lipped about the finer details of this intriguing immersive project. To find out more you need to book a free place, come along and take part. The event is open to everyone and will be free to attend, but advance booking is essential for participating candidates as places are limited to 100.

To book email or visit the Queer Up North Website.

You may learn and be challenged; be engaged or be changed. One thing is certain - you will be tested…

For more information about
EXAM or how you can get involved please visit the website or call Kate Houlton on 0161 238 8523.

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