Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New stationery fresh from the printers

The UHC team is back from the summer holidays and we are celebrating this by launching our re-vamped identity and new stationery! Printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable oil based inks, of course.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Food Factory First Success

Here it is! Our very first lettuce.

Successful early planting is now rewarding us with our first crops of peas, chard, potatoes and lettuces. Boxes of the veg have been taken home by Ryan Delvin and others been passed to the Headmaster at St Paul’s and the food tech staff. Everyone has been amazed with the results so far.

City Editions

So following their continued studies into local power relationships and conflicts in urban regeneration, students working with me on the Leeds Plan B residency have written a series of articles and photoessays. They were encouraged to come up with work which was outside of the normal student essay and the results were as varied as they were intriguing! As an artist/desginer my brief to myself with this part of the project was to take ordinary student research papers and create unique and beautiful art objects. The essays became a hand-bound paperback book, with the work laid out inside by our UHC designers. The books are called the Plan B 'City Edition', reflecting the way they were written - in direct response to the streets.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Enclosure Identity Part 2

The new graphic identity work for Enclosure continues.

Urban Safari Shorts!

The Leeds Plan B residency is getting out and about and engaging with the local environment. In two groups the students have been out on self-developed safaris, following their own instinct and mapping the changing urban landscape along the way. We wanted to focus on spotting evidence of local power relationships and conflicts in urban regeneration. And what do you know, one of the first encounters was with young free runners using a piece of old public art as a spring board.

Allotment Work Day

This has been our most successful work day so far! Over 20 pupils came from year 7 and helped to dig and plant new beds, weed the existing crops and mulch the paths with woodchip. Ryan and Ryan built two new benches from reclaimed wood to create a central seating area. This work day is a continuation of events organized by Ecochallenge. We'd like to thank Emma for helping to make this happen.