Monday, 26 April 2010

Music Plus Evaluation

We've just had a very productive meeting with Naomi Kashiwagi and thought we would share our notes. We'll be working with Naomi and some of Manchester's cultural venues over the next six months to help them evaluate the success of the new Music Plus event. We are all a bit excited about the project's potential so we will keep you updated on the progress we make.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Just The Ticket

Just The Ticket was a series of courses run by the Workers' Education Authority. WEA aims to engage people from isolated communities and enable them to realise their full potential through learning. The Just the Ticket courses ranged from 2 to 120 hours, covering a wide variety of topics, from history to needle-craft and took place in both Liverpool and Manchester.

Friday 26th of March saw an awards ceremony and workshop sessions held at The Whitworth Art Gallery, to celebrate the achievements of the participants. We were there to host commemorative plate making workshops, for the learners and the staff involved with Just the Ticket and to commend the success of the project.

We are now currently working on a book for the dedicated learners as a memory of the project.

For more information on the courses and venues, see the Just the Ticket website or for more about the WEA visit

Photography by Gill Moore,

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Appeal - Western Capercaillie

Although the tattooing element of extInked is now finished, the project is far from over with many of the ambassadors launching fundamental follow-up awareness raising projects. The ambassador for the Wetsren Capercaillie, Nick Dixon, is starting a grassroots group to support the RSPB affiliated 'Friends of the Western Capercaillie'.

As the minimum joining fee for the group is a £25o, which is too expensive for the average individual, Nick is looking for 125 people to donate £2 per year each to start. Members will receive a periodic newsletter from 'Friends of the Western Capercaillie', giving information about the conservation progress made to keep this Scottish species alive.

For further information, or to join the group, please contact us at