Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thank You

Since hand delivering the Leeds Plan B Manifesto to key decision making organisations around Leeds city centre back in November we are extremely pleased to have received several thank you letters which we have quoted below;

Councillor Andrew Carter - Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council

“Thank you for your recent letter; I will certainly look at the website to find out more about the project. I am a keen gardener so will definitely use this on my garden and look forward to seeing the results.”

John Thorpe - The City Workshop

“Thank you for delivering the art work, especially as it forms part of the final ten works from your limited edition of 200.I am part of a small group of colleagues who cultivate an urban allotment. My contribution is to turn the full volume of soil - which rests on demolition land- and to introduce to it organically produced compost and horse manure to it. The contents of the artwork ill be used accordingly and the container placed carefully to bio-digrade. With Thanks, best wishes and appreciation of a beautiful work.”

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